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Hiiragiya Annex

  • Gokomachi Nijo Sagaru, Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan 604-0933
  • TEL : +81-(0)75-231-0151   FAX : +81-(0)75-231-0153

Buildings The ryokan's classical Japanese design has been realized in wood. There are 12 rooms, in traditional Kyoto style, preserving the feel of Japan's old capital. Each room is unique in both size and decor. To give a special sense of place and tranquility, some rooms face onto a Japanese garden.
Accommodations We can accommodate up to 46 guests.
For meetings and banquets, there are two 14-mat rooms, which can each accommodate 18 guests.
Room Rates

From 22,000 yen per person, per night, based on double occupancy. Rates include dinner, breakfast, and service charge, not include tax.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about special events and services. We will try to adapt our facilities to meet your needs.
* Kindly advise if with children age 12 or under.

The accommodation(hotel) tax / per person per night

Less than 33,000yen : 200yen
Over 33,000yen : 500yen

Children's Charges
9 to 12 years old 70% of Adult Rate Two meals included per day, evening meal is usual Kaiseki, but with fewer dishes.
6 to 8 years old 50% of Adult Rate Two meals included per day, evening meal is children's dinner.
Under 5 years old 2,000 yen Basic facilities charge, without bedding or meals. Service charge included, tax not included.
*Children 13 and over pay adult rates.
*Optional services available for accompanied guests under five years:
Children's Dinner 3,300 yen
Breakfast 1,650 yen
Bedding 2,000 yen(adult size)
Prices include service charge and not included tax.
Cuisine The house specialty is Kyoto-style "Kaiseki". Menus change with the calendar to take advantage of each season's bounty of fresh ingredients and fitting flavors. Served to you upon fine local ceramic pieces known as Kiyomizu-yaki.
A plentiful variety of a la carte dishes are also available. Dinner parties from the simple to the elaborate can be arranged to suit your budget.
Baths A defining feature of a ryokan is the "family bath", for use by all guests.
Hiiragiya Bekkan (Annex) boasts four baths, two of traditional wood.
Each room, by turns, has use of these baths.
The antique shops of Teramachi Street are only a couple of minutes' walk away and just beyond that is Kyoto City Hall; Cross Oike Street and the famed shopping streets of Kawaramachi and Shinkyogoku flaunt the glitter of contemporary Japanese urban culture.
Stroll back to the quiet side street of Hiiragiya Bekkan(Annex), and you are once again wrapped in an atmosphere of calm and refinement.
Service A very high level of service may be taken for granted by guests of the ryokan.
Meals, for example, are served course by course to you in your own room.
We uphold the time-honored name of Hiiragiya for unstinting care and personal attention.
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