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A Sense of the Old Capital

The Hiiragiya Bekkan(Annex), only a couple of blocks from the original Hiiragiya Ryokan, offers a setting that is both tranquil and in the heart of the city.

Guests feel a very real sense of being in Japan's ancient capital.

Hiiragiya Bekkan(Annex) is in the true tradition of Japanese inns: a retreat dedicated to preserving the serenity of a bygone era.

It represents a Kyoto whose traditions have stood against the swift currents of time. You can see it in the care that has gone into the design and details of each room, here it in the patter of rain into the rock garden. Thus is the spirit of old Kyoto brought to life.

As the seasons pass before us, each brings to Kyoto its special delights. These instill in the visitor a sense of place and of serenity.
Hiiragiya Bekkan(Annex) stands near the focus of activity in Kyoto. Bustling streets with the shopping, dining and nightlife attractions of contemporary Japan are a stroll away.

Each season brings its own fresh contributions to Kyoto cuisine.

The dining experience involves an orchestration of sensations:
flavors, textures and colors. No detail is too small for the chef's attention.

Travelers carry home the impression of refinement in a city surrounded by natural beauty:
that is the essence of Kyoto.