Is there a parking lot?
Yes, parking is available from 3:00 pm till 11:00 am. Please bring your car to the entrance for parking guidance.
Does the building have an elevator?
Both the original building and the new building have elevators.
Is there a hot spring (onsen) at Hiiragiya?
Hiiragiya has no hot spring. We use natural groundwater drawn from beneath our premises, in an area noted for the soft quality of its water.
Is there a large bath open to all guests?
There is no large bath open to all guests. However, we have two family-size baths groups of two or three may reserve.
How may we use the family-size baths?
The family-size baths are open from 3:00 pm till 9:00 am. To reserve a time, please ask our staff.
Is there a place for smoking?
We provide a separate room for smoking. There is no smoking in any of the guest rooms.
Is WiFi available in the buildings?
Yes. The WiFi password will be provided at check-in.
Are Western-style beds available?
Our new building has a room with twin beds furnished with Japanese futon mattresses. Western-style beds can be installed in other Japanese-style rooms on request. Kindly let us know in advance as the number is limited.
What items may we borrow for use during our stay?
We can lend guests a variety of items, including irons, curling irons, phone chargers, voltage adaptors, CD and DVD/Blu-ray players, playing cards, go and shogi sets, children’s toys, high chairs, shower chairs, kotatsu tables, and hot-water bottles. Please ask what is available.
Are there barrier-free rooms? Can wheelchairs be used in the buildings?
Our new building has a barrier-free room with hard flooring. A wheelchair designed for indoors is available. Our staff will work to assist guests using wheelchairs. Please note there are steps within Hiiragiya, and nearly all guest rooms have tatami mat floors.
Are there vending machines available, or nearby convenience stores?
While there are no vending machines within Hiiragiya, there are both vending machines and convenience stores a short walk away.


When are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in time is from 3:00 pm; check-out is by 11:00 am.
Can guests stay without taking meals at Hiiragiya?
In addition to the standard two-meal plan, you may select a plan for staying without breakfast, without dinner, or without either.
Do you accept infants or small children staying with guests?
There is a limited number of rooms suitable for very young guests. Please inform us of your situation.
Aside from the internet, how may we make reservations?
You may also make reservations by phone, email or fax.
If no rooms are available online, is it still possible to make a booking for our dates?
As cancellations sometimes occur, you may try contacting us directly.


Can meals be prepared for vegetarians and people with food allergies or other dietary restrictions?
Kindly inform us at least three days in advance, so our staff can prepare the necessary ingredients for your dietary needs. We’ll then do our best to meet them. Please note, our kitchens lack the proper facilities for making halal or kosher meals.
Are meals served at set times?
Dinner is served from 6:00-7:00 pm, breakfast from 7:30-8:30 am.
Can meals be taken at tables, with chairs?
Yes, they can. High chairs are available as well.
Can special, off-menu dishes be requested?
Yes, in most cases. As it may take time to procure ingredients, please tell us your request at least five days in advance.
Can we request reduced total amounts of servings from the menu?
Certainly, just inform us in advance.
Can we bring in our own beverages for meals?
Yes. There may be a corkage fee, depending on the type of beverage brought in.
Is it possible for a group of guests at Hiiragiya to have dinner together?
We can seat you in a banquet hall or private room, depending on which is suitable. Please consult us about your needs.
Can we come to Hiiragiya just for dining?
Yes. We serve dinners for groups of two or more, and lunches for ten or more (with exceptions for the busy seasons). Please contact us for details.

Other items

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AMEX and DINERS CLUB cards, as well as the GINREI (銀嶺) card.
Can you store my luggage temporarily for me?
We can store your luggage for you before you check in and after you check out.
Can I ship my luggage to Hiiragiya in advance of my stay?
Certainly. On the shipping label, please write the name of the person making the reservation, and the dates of the stay.
Does Hiiragiya have a pick-up service at airports and train stations?
We can arrange for your pick-up through a transport service company (charged separately).
We would like to order in special hospitality items for our room: flowers, a cake or such.
Please make your order at least three days in advance. Unusual items may take longer.
Can we give gifts of stays or meals at Hiiragiya?
Yes, you may arrange to settle payments for others, or purchase gift vouchers to use as payment for stays or meals.
Can you arrange sightseeing guides and taxis?
Certainly. Let us know your details of dates and times. For taxis, please inform us of the class of vehicle required.
Is it possible to arrange for geisha or maiko to give performances at Hiiragiya? What is the price range for this?
Entertainment by geisha and maiko at Hiiragiya can be arranged through our staff. The charges depend on the number of persons involved. Please contact us for details.


We have more plans to suit your needs, including for working vacations, dining-only, and event space use. Limited-time offers also become available.

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